Only the highest-grade materials and components are used in PHOTONTEK’s LED fixtures. Delivering safe, dependable light PHOTONTEK fixtures have industry leading performance. By perfectly balancing a high quality, full spectrum light with highest intensity PPFD delivered through a multi-bar, Linear design.

PHOTONTEK creates the ultimate ceiling of light for the entire plant growth cycle. Making these LED lights the smartest option for a higher and faster return on investment.

All PHOTONTEK LEDs offer highest market Photon Efficacy, lowest cost per µmol and World Class Diodes & Drivers. Optimized Full-Spectrum light, Detachable Driver, Fully Dimmable and External Control with PHOTONTEK Digital Controller. Interchangeable Innovative Click-Magnet LED Bars, User Friendly & Easy Set-Up and 5 Year Warranty.


Less energy: PHOTONTEK lighting fixtures have the ability to save growers an outstanding 40% on their energy bill compared to commonly used HID kits. Making LEDs undoubtedly a more efficient and eco-friendly choice.

More light, More Life: LEDs have been tried, tested and proven by industry experts to increase yield and crop quality. Leading to medicinal standards products every harvest.

Maintenance Free: Our LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours of use and our fixtures are supported by a market-best 5 Year warranty. Creating a trustworthy source of products.

Less Heat: PHOTONTEKs highly efficient diodes produce less heat waste and more light than many competitor products. We use our unique heat convention design that disperses remaining heat above the fixture. This avoids trapping excess heat below the fixture which can negatively affect your crop, making heat management easier than ever.

Safety Protection: Built with smart-safety capabilities for full circuit protection. PHOTONTEKs drivers prevent over/under voltage, short-circuiting and overheating failures. All PHOTONTEK LED fixtures are CSA, FCC and IC Certified and Compliant.

Modular Light Control: A dimmable unit gives you the ability to adjust the PPF levels produced and adapt to all crops and growth stages. Enhanced by an auto-power (increase/decrease) feature to match the number of light bars connected to fixture. That’s adaptability!