Digital Lighting Controller prices:

RRP USA $369.00
RRP Canada C$469.00


The PhotonTek Digital Lighting Controller is a full-control LED fixture master panel, that allows you to harness the full power of our entire LED lighting range.

Using the newest tech available, this smart-feature accessory will quickly become your best grow mate as it constantly monitors and helps maintaining your environmental temperatures, lighting schedules & intensity automation.
Smart, but still incredibly user friendly, this unit is a twin channel controller. Giving growers the ability to control individual ‘zones’, capable of operating up to 50 LED fixtures each!

Using an analogue 0-10V signal, each channel (Zone) can either control the same-powered LED drivers; Zone A can control the same-powered drivers as Zone B OR Zone B can be set to control different powered LED drivers. Eg: Zone A can be set to control 465W LED fixtures and Zone B set to control 600W, with the same accuracy and safety protections across your entire set-up.

Product Code: PTEKM0017
Power: Adaptor 100 – 277V AC 50/60Hz – DC 5V/2A
Match LED Driver: All PhotonTek Controllable LED Drivers
Power Dimming Range: 0%, 10% – 100%
Power Regulation Accuracy: 1%
Temperature-controlled Safety Dimming range: 0ºC-40ºC
Temperature-controlled Safety Switching range: 10ºC-50ºC
Sunrise and Sunset Duration: 0-30 min
Dimensions: 125 x 80 x 25mm
Control panel for up to 100 LED drivers
● Compatible only with PhotonTek Controllable LED drivers & fixtures; 465W, 600W & 1000W
● Light Timing
● 24hr Light scheduling and switching, including the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset periods, for perfectly imitating natural environments.
● Temperature-control dimming & switching for safety control
● Automate light intensity and therefore your PPFD totals for specific times.
● Accurate dimming control of increments of 1%
1 x PhotonTek Digital Controller
1 x Power adaptor and cable
2 x Temperature sensor 5m cable
2 x LED control link cable


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Less energy; The PHOTONTEK lighting fixtures have the ability to save growers an outstanding 40% of your energy bill compared to commonly used HID kits. Making LEDs undoubtedly more efficient and eco-friendly.

More light, More Life; LEDs have been tried, tested and proven by industry experts to increase yield and crop quality, leading to medicinal product standards every harvest.

Maintenance Free; PHOTONTEK LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours of use and is supported by a market-best 5 Year warranty, creating a trustworthy source of products.

Less Heat; PHOTONTEKs high efficient diodes produce less heat waste and more light than most. As well as a unique heat convention design that disperses remaining heat above the fixture, not below effecting your crop, making heat management easier than ever.

Safety Protection; Built with smart-safety capabilities for full circuit protection, PHOTONTEKs drivers prevent over/under voltage, short-circuiting and overheating failures. All PHOTONTEK LED fixtures are CSA, FCC and IC Certified and Compliant.

Modular Light Control; A dimmable unit gives you the ability to adjust the PPF levels produced and adapt to all crops and growth stages. Enhanced by an auto-power (increase/decrease) feature to match the number of light bars connected to fixture. That?s adaptability.